Monday, January 19, 2009

New Kelly Clarkson Single Released Today (Jan 19th)

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Kelly Clarkson is ready to make her return to the pop mainstream scene after a never ending feud with legendary Clive Davis over the direction of her intensely personal My December.
On March 17th, Clarkson will release her fourth studio album titled All I Ever Wanted. From that new album comes her first single due to radio January 19th titled "My Life Would Suck Without You."

"My Life Would Suck Without You" was written and produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke, writers of her smash hit "Since U Been Gone."
Clarkson's agreement with the label to release My December as is was that she'd do what they wanted for the next record. So it would only be sensible to bring in the writers that helped craft some of her sophomore record's hits.
Opening, the song sounds very reminiscent to the 2004 hit with strumming guitars before Kelly's sweet voice comes in with lyrics about taking back her former lover.
Being a turnaround from "Since U Been Gone," she sings "Guess this means you're sorry/ You're standing at my door/ Guess this means you take back/ All you said before."She then states what he said to her, wanting anyone but her and that he'd never come back. But there he is and she's stunned by the chorus singing "Cuz we belong together now, yeah/ Forever united here somehow, yeah/ You got a piece of me/ And honestly/ My life would suck without you."
What makes the song different from "Since U Been Gone" is that it takes on a more upbeat dance sound, making a perfect suspect of remix gurus looking for their next dance track.Coming into the second verse, Clarkson slams herself for letting go singing "Maybe I was stupid for telling you goodbye/ Maybe I was wrong for trying to pick a fight." She confesses she has issues but she's not the only one and either way, she's nothing without him.
Smashing into another chorus, the background vocals showcase her stronger pipes. Clarkson realizes that being with him is dysfunctional and she shouldn't miss him, but she does.

The song sounds like your typical pop song and sets the stage for Clarkson's return to dominate the charts and the music scene showing all the newcomers (and even some long-timers who can't sing if they tried) just how it's done. "My Life Would Suck Without You" can prove to be another No. 1 for Clarkson with more in store when the new album is released. The song shows weaker lyrics than songs Clarkson herself would pen, but it proves that the first American Idol winner can take any song and make it stand out.
Clarkson teamed up with Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic (think "Bleeding Love"), had rock producer Howard Benson lend his hand as well as Dr. Luke and Max Martin. The album is expected to hold a diverse set of songs, including edgier rock songs that fans have come to love.
The single from Kelly Clarkson will be available to download from AmazonMP3 and iTunes January 20th and hits radio everywhere Monday, January 19th.
Congrats Girlfriend, it ain't often that one has a run in with Clive Davis and is able to walk away, relatively unscathed, with your career & fans still intact. You GO Girl!!!

"Once you`ve tasted a bit of success, it`s more challenging. We have to continue to be willing to take a risk so that we don`t get too safe. Unwillingness to risk failure is always there, but it gets harder when you feel you have more to lose. So the better place to keep yourself in is out of your comfort zone, willing to try even at the risk of failing. And that`s not natural to me at all. In fact, it`s completely unnatural."

- Demi Moore

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