Saturday, January 17, 2009

Florida Marlins Recruit Male Dancers with Big Bellies


The traditional model for cheerleaders is as well-defined as the pom-pom wavers' often tanned and sculpted physiques. Throw in beer vendors and a fuzzy mascot and you've got yourself a formidable supplement to the on-field action baiting ticket buyers.

The Florida Marlins seem to think that fans want more. A lot more. Belly, that is. The MLB franchise is hiring a new cheerleading squad -- to be called the Marlins Manatees -- consisting entirely of big-bellied men.

To be sure, these new cheer captains are to be very enthusiastic about the team, but the ad specifies that corpulence is also essential. They're not named after giant sea cows for nothing."The Marlins are looking for bellies with the biggest jiggle, big feet with the best dance moves and enthusiasm that will rock Marlins fans out of their seats," reads the ad.

As fun as watching a crew of enthusiastic fans dance on the field for their favorite team may be, we just don't think this team of cheerleaders would offer us a really, juicy scandal -- or at least a scandal that we'd ever want to know about.

Your Thoughts Anyone?
"I'm not a cheerleader. I'm an athletic supporter." ~Author Unknown

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