Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fat Boys Prince Markie Dee to toss his hat in the wrestling ring

The Fat Boys burst onto the eighties music scene and have since dwindled down into part of a Hip-Hop history lesson. Now more than 20 years since their debut, one of the original members is having his name thrust back into the spotlight. Prince Markie Dee of the Original Fat Boys is preparing to try his luck in the wrestling ring. The Fat Boy is taking retired WWF Wrestler, Iron Sheik to the ring following comments he made on the Howard Stern show.

According to the old school veteran, he witnessed Shiek call a staff member on Howard Stern's radio show a “little nigger.” Feeling offended, Dee challenged the retired wrestler to step up and meet him in the ring.

Via Twitter, UFC/MMA Legendary fighter, Frank Trigg has offered to train the Fat Boy for the fight. When this fight goes down, Prince Markie Dee will donate the money raised to charity.

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Source: Hip Hop Wired

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