Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mo'Nique Opens up about her weight issues to CBS

(CBS) It's showtime and Mo'Nique is pumped.

"The Mo'Nique Show," BET's new primetime hit, is part talk show, part party, and part revival meeting. Driving it all is Mo'Nique's message: Mo' classy, mo' sassy. Big without apology, reports CBS News Correspondent Mark Strassmann. "I take pride in saying I'm a fat girl, fabulous and thick, fluffy and tender, full and tasty," Mo'Nique told Strassmann.

"Don't it just make you happy to say that?"
It certainly makes her audience happy - many of them big people themselves. "When you actually look on TV and you see someone who is just like yourself, it's a confirmation that 'It's OK for me to feel this way,'" an audience member told Strassmann.

"It's Mo'Nique!"
That message has fed a career that includes stand-up comedy, TV, music videos, books and movies. Who else has put on a beauty pageant for plus-size women? "I came up with the idea of a full-figured beauty pageant because for years all we had were those other pageants, y'all know, the skinny ones," Mo'Nique told her audience.

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