Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whoopi Goldberg to produce new show on The Science Channel

Whoopi Goldberg says she's always been a geek and that comes in handy for a new science trivia show she's producing.

"Head Games" on the Science Channel is a cheeky take on the game show genre. Goldberg says it's a mashup of an "endless" number of games. It uses humor, facts and videos to test the intellect of contestants and viewers alike, with questions about astronauts burping in space and how Tennessee meat goats react to stress. (They faint.)

Goldberg calls that segment fantastic because it leaves viewers wondering why. Why don't goats get "gassy or something?" she said. She added that that's the "kind of stuff that I think about."

Goldberg says she has many interests and considers herself a curious person.

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Whoopi was also the recent recipient of The Marlon Brando Award! Congratulations Girl!!!

I absolutely LOVE this sista my people!!! Can't WAIT to meet her...(Oh yeah!!! It's gonna happen..don't sleep on me now!!!)

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Anonymous said...

Are whoopis locs real or extensions.? In various pictures they're different sizes. Just noticed . By the way ," i love u, whoopi".