Friday, October 16, 2009

The new Michelle Obama Doll

I'm sorry fam....I'm just not feeling this new Michelle Obama "action figure doll".....they got our First Lady looking like a Mrs. Potato Head doll....I'm not feeling the stumpy looking short legs (Mrs Obama is a TALL woman people!!!) nor those arms that look like Pinocchio's dad Geppetto made them either!!! lol...I'll probably buy one tho' (cuz I collect dolls like that) but it's official....I hate it.

And look closely at the Barack Obama doll in the inset photo....what's up with the Arsenio Hall finger pointing hand???? WTH???

Surely the creators of these "Action Figures" could have come up with more attractive dolls for our nation's first family....this is bullsh*t y'all.....sorry. I don't even remotely wanna play with that....

Loving my first family y'all......

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