Sunday, October 18, 2009

Revival Restaurant Closes, BBQ's, Ricky's & Applebee's Opening!!

There's been a WHOLE LOT of activity on the streets of Harlem over the course of the last few months.....check it out fam!

For those of you who didn't know that Revival Restaurant on 127th & 8th Avenue closed its doors with little to no fanfare..(I know...I know....I didn't find out either until I'd walked past it that it was no longer and I am only a few blocks away) and in its is place is a new joint called "BBQ's of Harlem" (Not to be confused with Dallas BBQ's....which it is SO My monster and I decided to try it about a month ago and sad to say....we were unimpressed....I ordered the "Shrimp Trio" of fried, buffalo and coconut shrimp with dipping sauces....which sounded great on the menu but I was thoroughly disappointed when I got it home....the buffalo shrimp were WAYYYYYYYYYY too salty for me and the blue cheese dressing didn't help not one bit, the coconut shrimp was okay but the mango dipping sauce that came with it was disgusting and had a glue-like consistency to it...yuck...and the fried shrimp...well...they were um...fried....(dang y'all couldn't come up with something CREATIVE to do with that third shrimp dish???? How about a "General Tso's Shrimp" or something? Just PLAIN OLD FRIED SHRIMP???? WTH is THAT about??? I would have even appreciated a Shrimp Cocktail...Ya know? lol...and that's all i'm going to say about that. My honey had the BBQ chicken and shrimp combo and he said there was nothing special about it at all. It may have been an off night for them....I don't know...but I will probably try it once more to see if they have worked out the kinks.

A little further up the block I noticed that Ricky's was opening a Halloween Superstore right on 125th's open for business now, I just passed it yesterday. Now I personally haven't really "done" Halloween since my college days but a great many of my friends still get off on the whole "dressing up/costume" aspect of it, so I am just doing my part by spreading the word. Please don't embarrass me on October 31st!

And last but certainly not least....Applebee's is coming to Harlem!!! I saw these signs posted on 125th and 5th Avenue right across the street from The Body Shop and The National Black Theater.....I saw a smaller sign a couple of month's ago when I attended the Soldiers of Praise concert a few months ago. A little birdy told me that the deal that was being brokered through a sista had fallen looks like they worked it out and are proceeding ahead....good for them.

On another note, as an almost life long resident of Harlem (lol...excluding those 12 years I resided in the Boogie Down), I had long thought that the spot OPPOSITE of where Applebee's is going to be would have been an EXCELLENT spot for a multilevel Dallas BBQ's. It would have been on the spot where there old jazz club "La Famille" used to sit (it's an empty lot now). I always thought that a restaurant there would have made a killing because of all of the churches, hospitals & business in the area. Trust me when I tell you Applebee's is about to do some BANG UP BUSINESS on that spot.....You just watch and see fam....

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