Saturday, January 30, 2010

Etta James Hospitalized

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Grammy-winning R&B singer Etta James has been hospitalized for about a week near her Southern California home for treatment of various ailments, including a bloodstream infection, her son said on Friday.

The 72-year-old recording star, best known for her bluesy hit ballad "At Last," grew ill after entering a detoxification center a month ago for treatment of an addiction to painkillers and over-the-counter medicine, Donto James told Reuters.

As her condition worsened, she was moved to a nursing facility, and then to Riverside Community Hospital, near her home east of Los Angeles, he said.

"She's been in a pretty big battle," said Donto James, her eldest son.

The performer is being treated for a number of ailments, including sepsis, a potentially fatal infection spread through the bloodstream, which in her case is believed to have started from a urinary tract infection, her son said.

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