Thursday, January 28, 2010

Farewell Roxanna Floyd

I just received the word a few hours ago that my friend, chocolate diva & celebrity makeup
artist Roxanna Floyd made her transition today. Roxy has beat the faces of some of the most remarkable women in the entertainment industry today. She was responsible for the look that Whitney Houston sported on her latest album "I Look To You", she also worked extensively with Angela Bassett, Janet Jackson and Queen Latifah and she was instrumental in the development, production and marketing of The Queen's Cover Girl Queen Collection of cosmetics.

The cause of her death is unavailable at this time. Please check back here in a few days and I will post any information I get on her home going services here.

Rest In Peace Roxy! You will be deeply missed.


Maddy said...

This is so sad Sharon. I can't believe that someone so young and talented is no longer with us. We will all miss her.

BaByGirL said...

Oh my god ! I'm so sorry. This is so sad. She was such a role model for me. I had an oppurtunity to work by her side for her myspace editorials. I always wanted to meet her and my cousin Rafael Jimenez ( in the background of picture) gave me the chance. This picture is so sad to me and eerie because Rafael my cousin just passed in 2008. She came to the funeral and we all were so upset. I understand your pain. He loved her so much. I know that they are now together again in heaven. My condolences again. Jean Baez

Lauren said...

I am soooo in denial because Roxy was on my mind for a call for wks and I never got to talk to her. She was my mentor, sister friend and colleague for over 15 years. I'll always admire her modesty, love and wisdom. Why does God move in such mysterious ways??? Lord, help us in our hour of grief.Love you Roxanna- RIP my beloved. xoxo.

lisa said...

I was shocked and devestated to hear this. Roxanna was an amazing talent. I believe it was breast cancer. Peace be with her.