Monday, January 25, 2010

Lee Daniels To Shoot MLK Biopic?

Word on the street is that the family of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has agreed to allow "Precious" director, Lee Daniels, to shoot the biopic of their father's life story.

Right now Lee Daniels is THE DIRECTOR that every actor & actress in the world (including myself) wants to work with, and I personally think he'll do an excellent job of telling the story of this most important black man.

Folks are all up in arms because they fear that Daniels will air Dr. King's dirty laundry by filming a scene with him that involves a prostitute. Daniels is currently reviewing the script and vows that he won't be shooting that scene because it "isn't necessary".

He also states "This project is still in an embryonic stage, but I can tell you my story focuses on the civil rights marches. It's not about tapes and prostitutes. It's about the African-American man who changed history."


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