Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tyra Launches The Fiercely Real Teen Model Search for Plus Sizes!!!

Well, it certainly took her long enough didn't it? The word on the street is that Tyra Banks is FINALLY launching a plus-sized alternative to her wildly popular America's Next Top Model phenomenon!

Miss Tyra recently announced that she is launching the Fiercely Real Teen Model Search. (lol at the name of the's funny to me, sorry.)

Says Tyra "I've always felt is was my mission to expand the narrow perceptions of beauty," she recently told US Magazine. Teens with dress sizes between 12 and 20, who stand 5'9" to 6'1" are eligible to compete for a one-year modeling contract and a spread in a major fashion magazine.

She goes on to say that she "wants young girls to realize that what's considered plus sized is the average American woman," "That woman is healthy, fit and beautiful."

Well if ANYONE can make this happen and perhaps GET IT RIGHT for a would be Tyra and company. I am looking forward to seeing what this competition will be about. And I REALLY want to see if they are truly going to allow a size 18-20 to actually make it through the's one thing to SAY it....and totally another to actually DO it....

CLICK HERE to register and to get more info on Tyra Banks Fiercely Real Teen Model Search.

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