Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Marissa Jaret Winokur OUT as host of Dance Your Ass Off!!

Okay, so I read this article yesterday in the paper, and I found this story at

Dance Your Ass Off will get a little spicier whenMel B takes over as host, replacing Marissa Jaret Winokur, for the show’s second season.

“Dancing has been a big part of my life,” says Mel B, a member of pop sensation, the Spice Girls. The announcement was made Sunday at the Television Critics’ Association conference in Pasadena, Calif. “I kind of fell into it. I didn’t go, ‘I’m going to dance and lose weight.’ I did it and it just ended up happening, which is brilliant!”

A rep for Winokur tells PEOPLE that the decision to not return for a second season was mutual. “Marissa’s reasons for not returning to season 2 are the following: the format of the program did not allow her to interact with the contestants and offer them encouragement and support, and criticism she received from producers regarding her appearance,” her rep says.

But executive producer, Dan Cutforth, says replacing Winokur was simply a matter of finding someone more relevant to the show’s viewers.

“There was a portion of the audience that absolutely loved [Winokur] and a portion that didn’t connect so much with her,” says Cutforth. “We wanted to find a host that really, really connected with our core audience. The core Oxygen audience grew up Spice Girl fans!”


Wow....This is really interesting....While NONE of us know the TRUE reasons for Marissa's departure, I will admit that it was hard watching her host this show. It seemed almost as if the producers forced her to stay in one spot, with a permanently plastered smile on her face.....with absolutely NO real interaction with the contestants. It made ME wonder why she even took the job in the first place....she looked uncomfortable from the start.

But c'mon Oxygen.....MEL FUGGIN B.??? What the F*$K is THAT about? This chick has NEVER been overweight or even remotely fat, dare I say I bet she has never had a weight problem in her life! I simply am not able to figure out how her name even got tossed in the ring. "More relevant to the shows viewers? (Sound of a needle scratching over a record) HUH? Who in the hell do they THINK is viewing this show? The whole reason for the show's popularity comes (I believe) from it's support from the plus sized community....and I gotta tell you....WE don't relate to Mel B. (No disrespect to her) but if the show is supposedly plus themed.....wouldn't it make more sense to hire a PLUS SIZED REPLACEMENT? I'm just saying.

I hope this isn't the old "Bait & Switch" ISH that most producers pull to reel in the viewer (cuz it certainly looks like it is).

I'm just gonna go ahead and bet that this move will blow up in their just don't see folks dropping what they are doing to run to their TV's to see Mel B. I could be wrong here....but I really don't think I am. This move is gonna piss a WHOLE LOT of folks off.

You gotta be kidding me with this one.....really. Stop playing Oxygen....just stop it. Please. We are not amused.

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