Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fabulous Wednesdays at Katra Lounge - The Password Edition

What Up Fam!!!!?

So this past Wednesday, I managed to muster up some energy and headed down to Soho to check out the second installment of "Fabulous Wednesdays at Katra Lounge". This month's event was called the "Password Edition", in order to gain admittance - you had to know the password.

Now if you don't know the deal about Katra already, it's 2 for 1 drinks from 6pm till 8pm - so you know I got there WAY before 8 O'Clock (lol).

Greeting me at the door was the beautiful face of my BFF and 1/2 of the Fab Wednesdays team, Gwen "Diva" DeVoe, who was rare form early on and began telling the guests as they arrived that the password had expired an hour ago and they needed to know the NEW password - lol...the look of confusion on their faces before she let them in on the joke was priceless.

I stood in the vestibule for a while (as someone so graciously offered me her OTHER glass of wine (I did say 2 for 1 right?) which I was more than happy to begin my evening with (lol). As we were getting caught up the other half of the Fab Wednesdays team, Tonya Giddens came out side with TWO French Martini's in hand. I decided to go in after awhile to check my coat and see what was going on inside.

The first person I saw was my longtime pal Laura Burwell, who doesn't come out often, sitting at bar and I was absolutely GIDDY at the sight of her! I ran off to check my coat and then returned where I proceeded to taste (and then this wonderful middle eastern salad (it had garbanzo beans, red onions, tabbouleh and a whole bunch of other stuff in was DELICIOUS (and she had Lamb Kabobs on the side...yeah..I ate those TOO!!! Yummy!).

The vibe at Katra is real cool fam...I actually LIKE chilling there. Anyway, I hung out at the bar talking to Laura, and struck up a conversation with the gentleman on my right who I kept bumping with my arm (sorry love!)...I watched as folks began to pile in....Plus model Shanta Renee (IPM) was in the house, Marco Mays came shortly after as did my girl Suzette Banzo. Also on hand celebrating her birthday was chocolate diva Talesha Paillere (who looked beautiful in yellow and white). The celebs stopped through to show their support as well......

Comedians Drew Fraser & John Smooth, 4 Star Entertainment's Bill Foster brought Curvy Vocalist Alyson Williams with him & Designers Qristyl Frazier, Jewel Shannon, who was also celebrating her birthday....It had been several years since I last saw Miss Jewel (and it took me 5-6 years to retrieve a FIERCE silver pump that wound up in her bag rather than mine)

The DJ's (yeah...there were two) were on fire and spinning old school classics that were making my knees weak (literally!). Folks started pulling dances out from back in the day (The Wop, Break Dancing...well NOT actual break dancing...and a SOUL TRAIN that 2 for 1 drink thing will get you every time!!!) When the "walk off" began and the "Voguing" was all over for me! The party was so good that old "house heads" like myself and a few other's came out of retirement to put some time in on the dance floor....

I had a blast fam...haven't been able to dance like that for a knees are gonna keep me up all night!!! But it was TOTALLY worth it!

See ya'll next month!!!

"Yo, a party ain't a party 'till it's ran all through
And leave it to my crew, it's gon' be playa' proof
After three rounds we gon' blow off this roof
A party ain't a party 'til it's ran all through"

- Queen Pen

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