Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Mo'Nique Show ends run with Syndication One

*Redding News Review is reporting that "The Mo'Nique Show" will end its eight-month run this week because the host was denied a new contract from distributor, Syndication One.

"Her contract was not renewed," the source told Redding News Review.

As previously reported, Syndication One released a statement saying Mo'Nique was choosing not to continue with the program because she wanted to focus more on her career in television, film and comedy.

"I would like to thank my fabulous board of directors for their daily inspiration and feedback and Radio One for the opportunity to further my entertainment brand through radio," she was quoted as saying in the news release.

However, the story of her denied contract appears to be more in line with what really happened, according to Redding. The source says Mo'Nique spoke about the situation on Friday. She told listeners that the choice of her leaving was beyond her control and that listeners had not heard the last of her on the radio.

The show was pulled from some markets in the middle of her emotional rant, the source said. Her show is officially scheduled to conclude on Wednesday.


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