Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mo'Nique's Radio Show Coming Back?

Morning Family! A friend just sent me this information from

Mo'Nique's Radio Show Coming Back?

After several phone calls to our sources in radio, we have discovered that comedian and actress Mo'Nique might not be off the radio that long after all. In case you didnt know, The Mo'Nique Show was canceled after several months in syndication by distributor Syndication One, and after leading in all of her key demos in every market.

It should be noted here that Syndication One also released a statement to all news outlets that Mo'Nique was going to have her last day on the air on Wednesday but that never materialized. The last show was really last Friday March 13th, and in the midst of giving her final good-byes to her loyal listeners, she was abruptly cut off in several of her markets.

Anyway, we have discovered that Mo"Nique is in talks with another syndication company and if the deal goes down right, could be back on the air within 30 days.

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