Sunday, March 22, 2009

Whoopi Goldberg cuts TV Guide & Stacy London a new one!!!!

On today's View, Whoopi got mad about this week's TV Guide which featured outfits they would have dressed her in. TV Guide writer Ingela Ratlege wrote, "she comes to work everyday looking like she's going to Costco." Whoopi responded by calling her an "anonymous bitch" and told her to "kiss my ass."

Also in the article, "What Not To Wear's"
Stacy London wrote "it's hard to take her seriously." Whoopi responded, "you don't judge me by what I wear you judge me by what I say."

Check the clip fam:

I agree and I LOVE the statement she just made to the world!!! ROFL!!! Miss Ingela is NO LONGER anonymous KNOW how fans can be when you mess with their idols....she'd better get some security now....

You GO Miss Whoopi! Give it to em' mama!!

"A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval. There is nothing more satisfying than that sense of being completely "at home" in your own skin. When you achieve that as a natural state of "being", then you can finally look beyond yourself and fully contribute all your talents to the world." - Mark Twain


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the writer of T.V. guide. I tune in everyday just to see the ridiculous outfit that Whoopi has chosen.

The writer's are too kind saying that she looks like she's making a run at Costco. She actually dresses more like she is "going to cut the grass." Her clothes are disgusting and inappropriate.

Her clothes look dirty and her choice of shoes are even worse. Her poor choice of clothes is distracting.

However, what I find more offensive than her horrific choice of clothes is her vulgar & scatological "humor." Her curse words and talk about "bodily functions" is revolting.

Also, Whoopi claims to be a feminist, however, she calls other women that she does not agree with "bitches."

Every feminist knows that "bitch" is a sexist term and should never be used. As a woman I consider the word "bitch" just as offensive as the "n word." As a person of color Whoopi should be sensitive to other demeaning words used to put down a whole group of people.

I think it is time for her to go.

The ORIGINAL Runway Diva! said...

And you are certainly entitled to your opinion.

Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

i agree whoopi could dress better and look ra style she can feel her self in , i also agree with whoopi reaction to he story she said hat she sai and oh well deal with it. what i don' ke is this trend on the view of after people say ordo something they areof the sho for a couple of days n babs is the making nice i hate that and i stop watching the show as of today

Anonymous said...

You need to get a life!. What does it matter what Whoopi wears - she's not trying to impress you or anyone else. I'm more interested in the intelligence of her commentary and the inane consciousness of what she's wearing. In you're comments you've clearly proven that the content of a person's character is meaningless based on what their wearing. Please start acting like the Christian I'm sure you claim to be and respect the person, not the clothes. Otherwise, your kind will continue to degrade the character of future generations with useless thoughts and views.

Anonymous said...

I too consider myself a feminist, and as such, I think it's hypocritical to be so taken aback by the "disgusting" clothes Whoppi wears. Shouldn't we care more about what she is saying and how she uses her platform on the View to promote issues important to women? I've heard her advocate for many feminist positions on the show. Also, many people who are feminist continue to use the term "bitch" and there is even a feminist publication titled as such. Of course, she might have stated her objections more eloquently. Anyway, I'm the kind of person who cares about my appearance, and I often envy intelligent women like Whoopi who are above it all. It shows that she's comfortable with herself and that she doesn't need to rely on clothes to give her confidence because she is strong of mind.