Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama IS the 44th President of the United States!!!

We did it family!!!!

We managed to unite as a people and finally do the right thing and tonight we united to put the first EVER Black President in the White House. I went to my first ever election party tonight at a neighbor Vanda's house and I had an absolute blast!! This was the most exciting thing I have done in a long time and I can say honestly that I have never been more proud to be an American as I am on this day!

We counted down the minutes until the polls closed at 11:00pm (EST) and when Charles Gibson from ABC project Barack Obama as the winner after the polls closed, the tears began to flow freely throughout the room! In Harlem, cars on the street began honking their horns and people ran out of their houses and flowed into the streets cheering and chanting "Yes We Can!" There hasn't been this much excitement and jubilation in Harlem since Joe Louis defeated Max Schmeling in 1939!!!! I heard there was absolute pandemonium on 125th street where an estimated 14,000 people turned out for a live broadcast of the results at the Harlem State Office Building.

It was truly a wonderful sight to see and I swear to you I will never forget this moment and the fact that I played a small part in making it happen. On another note: You just KNOW that Mama Michelle Obama is going to make a SPECTACULAR First Lady!!! (I wonder who's gonna make her gown for the Inaugural Ball!)

Finally! I (we) can take a small breath because we know that at the very LEAST we will NOT be getting another 4 years that were like the last 8.

I set my alarm at 6am to try to get to the polls early....I was so tired at 6am that I just waited until after 9am to go and vote up the street at the local school. And it was a good thing I waited...200 people were already lined up outside at 6:00am!!

I have voted in my district many times but I have NEVER seen a turn out like the one I saw this morning - Yes! The lines were long (I waited nearly an hour) and one of the two machines for my district broke down an hour after the polls opened. And yet the people stayed..some for hours, they talked to neighbors that they had either never seen or never spoken to before; they waited to get their votes in and I was so incredibly impressed by that. I don't believe there has been so much excitement about voting since the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965. Times are most certainly changing and stories were birthed tonight that folks will be able to pass down to generations to come. MAD KEWL FAMILY!!!!

Yes We Can My People!!!! Yes We Most Certainly Can!!!!

Rosa parks sat, so that Martin Luther King Jr. could walk, Martin walked so that Obama could run and now Obama is running so our children can fly!!!!

You just KNOW that Martin Luther King Jr. is doing the "happy dance" in Heaven right about now!! more you think somebody's gonna sneak in "The Electric Slide" at the Inaugural Ball??? I swear to you.....SOMEBODY in that room is gonna do it!

Wait and see fam!

"One day our generation
Is gonna rule the population
So we keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change"

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