Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blame It! -My Girl Vernetta Jenkins IS Michelle Obama!!!

What's up fam!!!

I stumbled across this video spoof of Barack & Michelle Obama while hanging out with a friend the other day. I realized immediately that the my L.A. Homie (and former Mo'Nique's F.A.T. Chance Producer) Vernetta Jenkins is playing Michelle Obama!!!

I am SO proud of her....this you tube clip is in heavy rotation EVERYWHERE....I got up on Monday Morning just in time to catch the chicks from The View talking about it as well!

You GO Girlfriend!!! Congrats on a job well done!!!


'Fakemi said...

This is my new favorite video! I've watched it like 5 times since I found it. And I LOOOOOOVE the part where she raps.

Renetta Garrison Tull said...

She does a great job! I like this video and put it in my twitter update: http://twitter.com/renetta_tull.

The video is great positive political sketch. I like this spoof better than the original song. Congrats to Ms. Jenkins, job well done!

Vernetta Jenkins said...

Sharon I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! Thanks so much for talking about me on your site! You are tha b-zomb in my book and always have been! Glad you and now over a million others liked the video! Stay Tuned for more creativity coming your way and yes gurl! I'm finally gonna start blogging since I got me a website now: www.vernettajenkins.com. So many stories to tell about this new journey!
Nothing but luv for ya my Sistah!
Vernetta ;-)