Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Meet Barbara Brickner: Plus Sized Model & Veteran

I have been trying for the longest for find out some CURRENT information on this Curvy Diva....alas the search has been rather elusive...but WE as a "Curvy Community" need to keep track of what this sister is up to.... KNOW YOUR HISTORY FAM!!!



For many people Barbara Brickner may not be a household name, but to my mind she is one of the most beautiful and hardest working models in the plus-size industry. Barbara hails originally from Seattle and currently residing in Arizona, Barbara originally planned a career as a singer in country music and Christian pop. Years ago at a singing competition, a judge who ran a modeling agency advised her out of the blue that she should become a “large-size model.” As most women probably would, Barbara initially took offense to this remark. She says she didn’t even know what plus-size modeling was at the time. Still, curiosity got the better of her and she looked into the business, which turned out to be her true calling.

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A shapely size 14, Barbara has done extensive work for such companies as Eddie Bauer, Nordstrom, Lands End and Italy’s Elena Miro. If you pick up any catalog or advertising circular featuring plus-size fashions, chances are good that you’ll find her face inside. She was the de facto superstar of the late, lamented Mode magazine and is an outspoken advocate for positive body image and healthy living. Even with all the success Barbara has found in plus-size modeling and everything she’s done to raise the public profile of the industry, she still dislikes the label “plus-size” and is open to better alternatives.

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