Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vh1 Charm School Alum Saaphyri Serving 3 Years In Jail!

Vh1 Charm School Alum Saaphyri Serving 3 Years In Jail!

Contestants from Mo'Nique's CHARM SCHOOL

Somewhere Mo’nique is shaking her head in disbelief. Former Flavor of Love contestant and WINNER of Mo’nique’s Charm School, SAAPHYRI, is serving serious time in JAIL!!!

Contestants from Mo'Nique's CHARM SCHOOLWe thought the loud-talking, fist-fighting Saaphyri had learned a lesson or two about how to improve herself when she won first place on Mo’nique’s reality show that was meant to teach the raunchy Flavor of Love reality gals a little class and etiquette. But apparently, Saaphyri skipped class on the day the “though shalt not steal” lesson was taught. Turns out the “lip-chap” peddling reality star is behind bars after being convicted of identity theft! WTF?! And to make matters worse, it was Saaphyri’s own uncle that she ripped off! HOW PITIFUL!

And no folks, this is NOT just a rumor– Saaphyri confirmed the unfortunate news on Twitter, where she wrote, “If you haven’t heard that I’m in jail, you know now. Yes it’s true. If you like you can write me. my cousin is maintaining my twitter account.” HOW SAD!!!

Source: FWO-ForWomenOnline!


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Is ths the chick for "I love money 2" also???