Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Y'Anna Crawley wins BET's 'Sunday Best'

For weeks, it appeared that Michigan's Jessica Reedy seemed to be the likely favorite to win BET's "Sunday Best," an "American Idol"-like competition.

But the public vote (through emails and calls) proved something different. On Sunday, Y'Anna Crawley of Mount Rainier, Md., was crowned the winner of the 10-week popular gospel show in its second season.

Crawley, 32, won a national recording contract and a 2009 Lincoln MKS.

Crawley performed "The Promise," a song written by Lou "Buster" Brown, Scott "Shavoni" Parker and Ryan Sims on the season finale. This song will also be her first single on her debut project, according to BET.

Source: Gospelrama

I love it when a curvy girl knocks it out the park!!!

Congrats Girlfriend!!


Kaneal said...

I have had Y'Anna's rendition of "Grandma's Hands" minimized on my computer for the last couple weeks, and listen to it, if not every day, every other day :D! I did like Jessica too, but this Gyrl Right Here...AMAZING!

Plus Model/Singer/Songwriter/Actress Nikeya Young said...

Both girls were VERY good! I was hoping that Jessica would win because her voice is SO different, but I am happy for Y'anna too. Curves Rock:-)!

Lele said...

That's so cool that someone from Mount Rainier won. I never knew that someone out of this little city would actually be sucessful. Congratulations Ms. Y'Anna Crawley.