Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ricki Lake & The New Season of Charm School on VH1

I caught most of the premiere last night...my comments are in red at the bottom of this entry.

As disheartening as most VH1 romance shows are, with the spitting, the brawling and the bleeping, they still prove the need for "Charm School" to follow, just to knock a little bit of sense into the vulgar ex-contestants and mold them into figures that could live in the real world instead of reality shows.

The new headmistress this time, Ricki Lake, is an improvement over Sharon Osbourne, who seemed to privately enjoy the misbehavior of her wards on season two. Mo'Nique, the host and leader of season one, for her part, seemed a little too theatrical for the job.

Lake's history with daytime TV (and John Waters movies) makes her well suited for her near-impossible task - injecting class into gaudy women with none.

This season, in a twist, they'll try to earn the $100,000 prize through charitable acts. Lake's associate deans are La La, a former "TRL" host, and Stryker, a radio guy described as the co-host of "Love Line" with Dr. Drew. The latter at least offered some needed humorous commentary.

Few lives are really changed by "Charm School"; the most of what happens is prolonging the lives of castoff characters so they can make it to "I Love Money" or ultimately even their own spinoff show, like Daisy De La Hoya in her current "Daisy of Love."

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Weeeeeellllllllllllll....fam...I can't honestly say I have formed an opinion on this one just yet. It appears to be more of the same old bad behavior and crap from the previous seasons. The "Charm" doesn't seem to last after the cameras have finished rolling (CLICK HERE to see earlier blog on the whereabouts of Season 1 winner Sapphyri).

This whole "reality stars behaving badly" concept is really wearing thin with me now and I didn't see too much of anything in the premiere episode to make me tune in again next week......except maybe Ricki....cuz I am certainly NOT interested in any of the contestants thus far.

Just my two cents fam.

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