Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Wednesday on Oprah!: Dane Cook, Mo'Nique and George Lopez

Morning Fam!

I picked this info up from the Oprah Website this morning.....

Get ready to laugh out loud!

We've invited three of the funniest people to stop by!

First, he's selling out stadiums across the country.

Find out why Dane Cook's high-octane delivery and guy-next-door charm has made him one of the hottest stand-up comics today.

Then, one of the queens of comedy, Mo'Nique, gives us a sneak peek at her performance of a lifetime.

And, he's been cracking us up for decades. George Lopez shares how he got into comedy.

Plus, we've got a special report from
The Daily Show, and we'll hear from comedy duo Frangela!

Presenting Oprah's Comedy Hour.

Sounds like a "must watch" episode to me......

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