Thursday, November 6, 2008

**TIVO Alert**!! Rosie Star Debuts on Cinematherapy

What's Up Family!!?
Make sure you tune in tonight to see DSE-TV Host & my girl Rosie "Star" make her debut on "Cinematherapy" during the broadcast of "Sleeping With The Enemy" with Comedian Chuck Nice:

What's it about you ask?

About Cinematherapy:

Ever heard of Cinematherapy? You watch a movie on WE tv and comedian Chuck Nice helps people like you let it all out! Make an appointment to watch Chuck work - the session's on WE!
So make sure you tune in tonight and check out the flick:

Sleeping With The Enemy
Women's Entertainment Channel (Channel 59 on Time Warner NYC Cable)
Thursday, November 6th @ 8pm and 10pm

You GO Rosie!
"Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure."


BklynBredDiva said...

Thanks Sharon...

I love you even more, for loving me back :)

The cinematherapy taping was fun and that Chuck Nice character was cuter in person!!!

Hoots Literary Agency AKA - Robin Huhn said...


Are you aware that you are breaking the law by using the term Cinematherapy. The term Cinematherapy has been copyrighted and trademarked by Dr. Gary Solomon. He is the creator of Cinematherapy and the first to write a book on the subject of Cinematherapy and using movies as therapy. I am suprised you don't acknowledge him or that you didn't know this.

Please make sure this is posted so that your readers know who is responsible for your income.

Dr. Robin Huhn
Hoots Literary Agency

The ORIGINAL Runway Diva! said...

Whoa!!! Please slow your roll here.....

Actually I have never heard of Dr. Gary Solomon and I have never looked at his site.

This blog is about a television show that I saw on television and wrote about on WE TV.

I didn't give him credit because I wasn't talking about You, him or his company. This post has absolutely nothing to do with him and I am SURE that you knew that when you read this post.

Perhaps you need to take up this matter with the folks over at WE Television (not affiliated with this blog).

On a side note: I really loathe it when people make disparaging remarks about me on my site. As far as your last comment goes....I write this blog as therapy for myself and to spread information to my readers....let's be CLEAR on this:

I don't make a dime from this blog - I do it because I love it and nothing more.

The work that I get my income from comes is my business and my business alone. It most CERTAINLY does NOT come from this blog and I don't discuss it with my readers.

If Dr. Solomon has a problem with me using this term, please have him contact me and I will remove it post haste. It's not a problem at all.

My problem here is with YOU and YOUR approach to this matter. Misguided righteous indignation doesn't sit well with me in the least. It's all in the approach mama.

And I try to use my site to promote positivity in the plus community - I will be deleting these comments in a few days....I just need to make sure that u get my response.

Please check yourself Dr. Huhn...before you wreck yourself.

Have a good day.