Friday, April 4, 2008

Biscuits and Bedlam on 102nd St

Last night I was gonna hang out with my homegirl after my BOF rehearsal last night, but I got an emergency call and had to cancel my plans. We decided to meet for breakfast the next morning and with a promise of either Pancakes, French Toast, or Eggs & Grits, with fresh coffee....I happily obliged!

So I got up early and got myself together, to head over to Deb's place and caught a bus rather quickly. I don't know WHY I decided at the last minute to put my camera in my bag but I did.

Now my girl lives on the upper west side and I kid you not....there is NEVER a dull moment in her building....

I arrived at her door at around 11am and rather than my usual ignorant banging on her door...I simply knocked on it....or at least I THOUGHT I was knocking.

I heard her scream "Oh Sh*t" then open the door with a look that I simply cannot describe on her face......

Alarmed, I asked her....."What's wrong, what happened?"

She told me simply "when you knocked on the door you startled me and I dropped my biscuits"...

So being me of course I chuckled at this until I saw WHERE she dropped the entire pan of biscuits.....and then I GUFFAWED!!!!

Homegirl must have been cleaning up earlier because she dropped that entire pan of UNCOOKED biscuits into a bucket containing a dirty mop.

I found that so funny that I simply had to go and grab my camera and get a photo....she was cursing me out the entire time.

I laughed all day off of that almost came close to the laugh I got when we were baking brownies while playing scrabble and she went to retrieve the brownies from the oven and for some reason, decided NOT to let them cool first....but to try and "Shake" them out of the pan while they were still hot out of the oven.

You KNOW she ruined those damn brownies too!

ROFLMAO!!! Thanks Deb for the continuous laughs mama!

No's gonna be all good in a minute Chica!

Oh and by the way........

I never did get the aforementioned breakfast, she lost all of her momentum after she dropped that pan of biscuits.

"Cooking Rule... If at first you don't succeed, order pizza"


debra said...

Just for the record...Laughter is the best medicine!!! This is truly comedy at its best!!! roflmao!!!

susan said...

I came across your blog about the show in Nyack while looking for something to do there. I missed the show but was looking foward to your review. Yor posts are insightful and hillarious !