Friday, April 11, 2008

B.O.F. & Lady O Live at Riverspace!!!

Last night my nearly 2 month journey with Lady O and B.O.F. came to an end. We hit the stage a little after 8pm and played to an large and enthusiastic crowd.

I arrived at the meeting point at 4pm with my face nearly 3/4 beat...(lol...that means make up) and was told by one of the dancers "hey! you clean up well!", which made me laugh because I never came to the rehearsals made up and I knew that my appearance was drastically different from how I usually looked. The weather was beautiful and we got up to Nyack without incident (although a tad late...we had to wait on a few people).....

Anywhoo....after one final run through and a tech run with the extremely pissy stage headed to our dressing rooms to finish preparing for the show.

We hit the stage a little after 8pm to a nearly full house and aside from one or two speedbumps....the show ran beautifully!

My favorite part of the entire show was the "Lady O" Reggae flavored song written and performed by a young rap artist named 2Cann! The song is awesome (and I don't like reggae) and I couldn't stop playing it on my Minidisc....

That is until I accidentally erased it.

It broke my heart.

Ya'll gotta check out Lady O when she hits your town...PARTICULARLY if you are

A) Over 50
B) Approaching 50
C) Going Through Menopause


Check out where Lady O & Her Entourage will be next!

To me, old age is always fifteen years older than I am.

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