Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boma Coffee & Tea Co./Nubian Heritage in Harlem Closes

Hey Family!

I was visiting my surrogate dad over the weekend and was walking up Fifth Avenue towards my old stomping grounds, when I noticed that The Boma Coffee & Tea Co./Black Heritage Cafe, right next door to the National Black Theater has closed.

That's really too bad....The cafe, located on 2037 5th Ave between 126th & 125th sts, was different from any establishment that's been on that strip before....I know this because those streets are where I spent the bulk of my childhood. I loved the whole "cafe/outdoor dining" feel that the place had to it. And I was just waiting for Summer to arrive because the neighborhood is changing so quickly now. I thought on many occasions that they were just trying to do too much in that space (Coffee & Tea Co, Bookstore, Vera Moore Cosmetics, Candles & Incense....on top of the cafe??? There was just too much stuff going on in the space and it just never really came together....ya know?

I don't think the Shea Spa located upstairs was ever finished either.
The last time I was in the space was a few years ago when I auditioned for a musical based on the life of Chaka Khan a few years ago. I also took acting classes in the upstairs space with Sidra Smith AND my friend, bridal designer Paul Campbell held his 50th Birthday Party there a few years back and IT WAS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!

It was a beautiful space and I was really hoping they could hold out until the "New Settlers" arrived.

It's a shame.

I wonder who's next?

On another note...I found out the other day that the Police Dept has been going around the bodegas in my neighborhood and revoking their licenses to sell beer....when asked why this was happening the store owners were reportedly told that the area is under going an "upgrade" and this was part of "cleaning up the area" that means that folks like me....who appreciate a cold beer after a hard day's work will have to walk nearly 10 blocks to a store that still has their liquor license.....


What's wrong with THIS picture family?

Excuse me but I wasn't aware that the New Settlers would be the ONLY residents of Harlem (that matter)....I guess that the needs and/or opinions of folks that already live here simply don't matter in the grand scheme of things.

Told you so.

Frankly, if things continue the way they are, the only people living in Manhattan below 110th Street are going to be the super rich, and the homeless.

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