Monday, April 21, 2008

Juicy Gals Are Taking Over!!! Check Out Miss Rap Supreme!!!!

What's Up Family!!!!

I ask you???? Is this a great time to be a big girl or WHAT???? I am absolutely thrilled to be able to channel surf and catch my juicy sistas on MULTIPLE shows!!!! And MAJOR ONES at that!
And guess what? They ain't clowning us neither! My big girls are SERIOUSLY holding it down and I am WHAT???? LOVING IT!!!! lol....

So my latest guilty pleasure is VH1's Miss Rap Supreme....

Okay...I gotta admit...I have a serious crush on MC Serch (always have...since his 3rd Bass days...I couldn't begin to tell you why) much so that I was tuning into The White Rapper Show just to see him..... THAT's a little bit of a girl Persia (aka Rachel)

(we've worked together in the fashion arena) was competing and I was supporting....BUT I still watched even after she got eliminated cuz I got a "lil thang" for Serch!
But I digress...I initially checked out Miss Rap Supreme cuz I saw this chick called Lady Twist in the promos and her flow was kinda nice.....AND I ALWAYS wanna see my big girls putting it down. And she hasn't been disappointing me wise. This chick is real nice on the mic ya'll but I guarantee you if she doesn't try to glam up her appearance at some point....they're gonna find a reason to cut her.

Lol...last week they had a "Fashion" challenge using sweatsuit had to design your outfit using the materials provided....most of the ladies did well but I was really disappointed in what Lady Twist put together....she didn't even try and TRUST ME when I tell you.....THAT will be her Achilles....I mean...Missy started out as a big girl with a MAGNIFICENT flow...but they ALWAYS glammed her up so that the public could digest her "look" little easier.

A stylist needs to holla at Lady Twist....QUICKLY. So far I think she has the goods to win but just like her plus sized sistas who came before her on these "Competition"'s ALL about the "Image" and if you don't get that up to won't win. I'd also like to see her "perform" a little bit more...ya know?

I am also loving the fact that she ISN'T the only juicy gal on the show...there's also my other fave....Reece Steele...she's juicy too and I don't know WHAT it is I like about her....but I like her!
I also thought the lil elimination "twist" was interesting as well....with Serch catching Khia (My Neck, My Back, My Coochie & My Crack) out there using lyrics that she wrote a while back then eliminating her and then resurrecting Lionezz (Who I really like too!)
Lastly, I was greatly disappointed with the behavior of both Khia (You'd Better Respect Me) and Ms. Cherry (You a one-hit wonder!) Khia behaving like everyone in the house OWED her something and Ms. Cherry NOT giving her any respect at all (Note to Ms Cherry: Selling 800,000 copies of ANYTHING is no easy feat....she gets respect for THAT alone if nothing else...and I HATED that nasty lil And then to top it all off....she (Ms Cherry) flubbed HER OWN lyrics TWICE....and then wound up in the bottom's that for karma ya'll????

We as a people need to practice the habit of NOT kicking a person when they are down....because more than likely those are shoes that YOU will eventually have to wear since no one stays on top the words of my buddy CJS:

"The same people you meet on the way're gonna meet 'em on the way down."

And you never KNOW what position they will be in when you see them be real careful about burning bridges.

I still can't figure out why she (Khia) was even on this show....didn't she just do a single with Janet Jackson on her last album?

I guess it was for the TOTALLY get that. was great seeing Yo-Yo again...I was wondering where she disappeared to and she looks great too!

"One's own karma, one's own actions are responsible to come to bring either happiness or success or whatever."

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