Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adenrele Ojo & "Family" at the Pan African Film Festival

Hey Fam!

My West Coast Homie Adenrele Ojo is in a new film called "Family" that's currently being screened at this year's Pan African Film Festival.

"Family" is a feature film by director Faith Trimel that centers around a group of lesbian friends, after dealing with the dire consequences of being in the closet, make a pact and must deal with the dire consequences of coming out. The film stars Cherese, Leslie Gilliam, Mahogany Ratcliffe, Fadhia Carmelle Marcelin, Faith Trimel, Tarina Vershawn, Blanca Avalos, Mykee Selkin, Adenrele Ojo, Q. Hasan and many others.

Check out the preview clip: KNOW I love you Miss Adenrele but you know I am LAID OUT over the fact that you are playing a lesbian....and playing it convincingly....ROFLMAO!!!!

You Go Girl!!! Continued Success!!!

"We become actors without realizing it, and actors without wanting to."

- Henri Frederic Amiel

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