Monday, February 23, 2009

Clay Aiken Dropped From Record Label?

(Feb. 20) - Will the Claymates be left without a new album from their favorite 'American Idol' runner-up anytime soon?

According to Radar, Clay Aiken has been dumped from his record label -- RCA -- following in the tradition of other 'Idol' alums, including Blake Lewis, Katharine McPhee, Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard.

The Online magazine claims Aiken's information is missing from RCA's Web site.

Radar speculates that the record company might have dropped the 'Invisible' singer because of recent revelations in his personal life -- including having a child out of wedlock by his much older friend and revealing that he is gay.


“I'm a supporter of gay rights. And not a closet supporter either. From the time I was a kid, I have never been able to understand attacks upon the gay community. There are so many qualities that make up a human being... by the time I get through with all the things that I really admire about people, what they do with their private parts is probably so low on the list that it is irrelevant.”

- Paul Newman


kit said...

It would be nice if you got your facts straight. Clay was not dumped! He walked away when negotiations fell through. And his amazing career is FAR from over. Just yesterday, his "Best of Clay Aiken" cd was released for pre-order and it's already reached #4 on Amazon's Best Seller in Music list. Please take care to not join the "Too Cool for Clay" school. It's composed almost entirely of Clay-Haters and Viral Marketers.

The ORIGINAL Runway Diva! said...

Dumped? Walked away? What the heck is the difference really? He isn't there anymore is he?

First of all....ummm....see the "QUESTION MARK" after the headline?

It's a QUESTION!!! Means I wasn't sure what the deal was with this story that I CLEARLY picked from another site (hence the source credit at the bottom). I never said anything about is career being over and unless this actually Clay Aiken writing this comment I don't really owe you an explanation for what I put on my site love.

I don't know what a "Too Cool For Clay" school is and I don't really care, for the record I am a big fan of Clay Aiken - that's the whole reason he's even got a blog on my site.

I understand your passion boo but you need to seriously FALL BACK! I consider myself Aretha Franklin's biggest fan in the universe but I don't hit up folks websites with funky comments every time someone writes something about her that I don't like or agree with.

Clay Haters? Viral Marketers? WTF?

It ain't that serious for me.

ROFLMAO @ "Too Cool For Clay School"