Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why I Love The M11 & M104 Bus Lines.....


Because I meet the most interesting people driving buses on this

John King, the brother I met riding the M104 bus last year. He's a championship lacrosse player, a budding inventor (he's working on a new machine that aids in push ups) & former NYC sanitation worker who has one of the most fascinating stories about collecting trash in The Big Apple. (I am trying to convince him to write his story would be a must read!)

- And -

Flip Gilyard, a cutie pie driver on the M11 bus who was funny and charming for the entire ride. (I told him, that "Flip Gilyard" is NOT the name for a bus driver.....It SOUNDS like the name of an entertainer.... can't you just hear it family?

"Ladies & Gentlemen...The Comedic Stylings of Flip Gilyard!!!"

lol...Flip!!! YOU should be doing something else!!!

- And -

An older woman on the M11 line whose name escapes me but I remember that she was a retired Merchant Marine, who was driving the bus because she likes people and was bored.....
- And -

A little, teeny, tiny little Puerto Rican mami, who lives in Harlem...I don't know her name but she DRIVES THE HELL out of that M104 bus.....absolutely fearless!!! Love her!!!

One night a few summers back, I jumped on a M104 bus late at night, headed up town and looked right into the smiling face of my younger brother Jeff.
I met a driver on the M104 one day who looked familiar to me and after talking to him for a few moments, we realized that we had both attended JFK High School together! Small World!

There are SO many others, cuz I ride both lines frequently and I am usually first to get on and I like to talk....and this is how I find out what their REAL dreams and aspirations are.

So because so many of the drivers on these lines have showed me love, I decided to send a little back to them and give them their props on a job well done!!! Y'all get mad love from The Runway Diva!!!

Hmmm....well except for the complete jackass that picked me up last night around 10pm. He was a dark chocolate brother, who drove the M104 last night with the busted fare box. (Yeah know who YOU are...there was absolutely NO NEED for you to take your bad mood out on me!)

Not a pleasant brother at all. Very rude. I was TOTALLY surprised and disappointed.

"Behavior is a mirror in which every one displays his own image."

- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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