Wednesday, February 11, 2009

American Idol 8 - The Top 36.....No Curvy Chicks Allowed???

Did my eyes decieve me last night family? I watched American Idol last night to see some of the performances from the remaining hopefuls......
I commented to my friend Deb as we were watching..."did you happen to notice that there's not a curvy girl in the bunch????" Nope. Not one. Of course there are a few chubby males but no "substantially" sized ladies..... And you cannot tell me that NOT ONE curvy chick showed up in ANY of the audition cities that could sing.....

I ain't believing it. Something's smelling a little funky to appears that crazy people (Nick/Norman & Tatiana?) will abound on season 8.
Anyway, for a pre-glimpse of your top 36...Click here

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