Tuesday, February 10, 2009

RuPaul's Drag Race

Okay Fam...

So last week I checked out the premiere episode of RuPaul's Drag Race on Logo and how annoyed was I that full figured diva Victoria Parker was the first to get the boot (although I can't honestly say that she didn't deserve it).

The first challenge was called "Drag on a Dime" and the ladies had to put together an outfit from thrift store articles....in the end it came down to bottom two finishers Miss Akashia & Miss Victoria and the two had to "Lip Sync for their Lives...and DON'T Fuck it up!".....after a nasty little near tumble off the runway from Miss Victoria...

Miss Ru declared to Miss Akashia "Shauntay...you stay" and then she told the losing model "Thank You Victoria....Now Sashay....Away" (lol....I LOVE IT!!!)

Now, I am writing this blog as I watch episode two "The Girl Group" Challenge.....(lol...NOW I know why Michelle Williams was asked to be a judge!)....and Miss Akashia is a trip with out the luggage.....SHAY-DEE!!!! And I think I will declare my love for Miss Ongina right NOW!!!! (The FIERCENESS!!!!)

I am also cracking up at Miss Ru playing both the dual Heidi Klum/Tim Gunn roles tonight!

Tonight's challenge is the Girl Group challenge and the ladies divide themselves into two groups that they christened 3D & Serving Fish! Miss Akashia was the team leader for 3D and Miss Ongina headed up Serving Fish. (Right then and there I decided to side with Serving Fish...Miss Akashia brings too much drama to the mix for me!)

Miss Akashia and her bad attitude landed her in the bottom two once again.....with the unfortunately scary looking Tammi Brown....And once again Miss Akashia wins again because her competitor gave up. Tammi didn't even try....

I love this show....it's fun!
"If you don't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?"

- RuPaul

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