Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Melinda Doolittle on Ellen!

I am watching Melinda Doolittle's performance on The Ellen Degeneres Show....Whew!!! This is a SINGING Heifer (and I mean that as the highest of compliments!!).....

Aside from the my basic observation that her people could glam her up just a tiny bit....(I don't think she's found her "sexy" yet).....this chick can blow y'all....her sound is taking me back to sixties soul.....or "The Cornbread" as "Wicked" Wilson Pickett described it. She's killing this performance fam....and I for one hope that she can revive that "Old School Soul" sound that left us YEARS ago...(cuz....uh...Joss Stone is no longer doing it for me....she started off great...that first album was the BOMB....but she's on some new ISH now and I don't like what I am hearing anymore....)

lol...but I digress....Melinda's voice has the depth and grit of a woman with some life experiences...someone who has LIVED what she's singing about! (American Idol's voters had their head up their butts on the decision to eliminate Melinda....don't get me wrong...I love Jordin Sparks....but really people....Melinda Doolittle can (and will) sing circles around both Jordin AND Blake Lewis!!).....her voice brings to mind the "greats" Aretha, Tina, if we can get her to glam up a bit and find her sexy (cuz in the end....we all know what the industry is REALLY about - Image.....and pretty much nothing else.)

It's so wonderful that she's so humble and STILL in awe about what is happening in her life right now....she's comes across mad cool and she's definitely someone I'd like to meet and interview one day!

Oh yeah, one last thing Miss Melinda! LOVE the "Curvy Chick" background singers!!!

Continued Success Mama......and have your people look my girl Susan Moses up....she & her "glam team" will hook you up!!! They did WONDERS for Queen Latifah!!!

"All women do have a different sense of sexuality, or sense of fun, or sense of like what's sexy or cool or tough." - Angelina Jolie


Anonymous said...

Yay, Sharon! Glad to know you see what I've been seeing and saying ever since AI 6. Rock on, Mel!


Anonymous said...

Her debut CD was released on February 3. You gotta hear it. :-)

Anonymous said...



FEINSTEIN'S AT LOEWS REGENCY, the nightclub proclaimed "Best of New York" by New York Magazine, will debut MELINDA DOOLITTLE in her first-ever nightclub engagement from November 17 – 21. The “American Idol” finalist will perform an intimate evening of jazz standards, pop hits and Broadway classics, in addition to selections from her CD, Coming Back To You. All shows are at the Regency Hotel (540 Park Avenue at 61st Street). For ticket reservations and club information, please call (212) 339-4095 or visit and for more info