Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stan Dennis & The M&N/Hot Chocolate Reunion - Katra Lounge NYC

I am SOOOOO behind on my postings fam....this slide show is from a few weeks ago when I attended a reunion of some my old friends from my early days of modeling with Diva's Encore Models. Stan Dennis' M&N/Hot Chocolate Organization threw some of the hottest parties in town back in the day and I hadn't seen him (and quite a few other folks) in many years when I got a call from Diva asking me if I'd like to attend. I met both Tonya & Diva at Katra Lounge in Soho and we hung out most of the night.

Lol...needless to say...we had a really good time!

Congrats and welcome back to the party circuit!

Enjoy fam!

“We'll have to get four bedpans and have a reunion” - Ronald Reagan

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