Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Melinda Doolittle: The Reviews Are In - And They're GOOD!!!

The reviews are coming in steadily to the first post-American Idol album by season six finalist Melinda Doolittle, Coming Back To You" and guess what? For the most part, they're pretty damn good!

Read em' and weep y'all!!!

"Doolittle channels Tina 
Turner and Aretha Franklin over live-band arrangements that feel fresh-faced and old-school at the same time. In 'I'll Never Stop Loving You,' she even uncovers an improbable reserve of torch-song sex appeal." [Mikael Wood, EW]

• "She can make even nonbelievers forgive Idol for its many sins against pop music." [Howard Cohen, Miami Herald]

• "She's no ingenue; no teenage Idol hopeful craving attention more than musical chops. Melinda Doolittle is a real, soulful woman with plenty to sing. " [Mario Tarradell, Dallas Morning News]

  • Doolittle was characterized by marked shyness on “American Idol,” but there’s no trace of that on this confident collection of covers. She flirts with a few tunes that have pep in their step (like on the aptly titled “Wonderful”), but can also command total attention through the entire length of her ballads, as she does with a wistful heart on the string-decorated “I’ll Never Stop Loving You” and with fiery passion amidst catchy drum roll rhythms of “It’s Your Love.” She almost even channels Tina Turner’s great warble on “I Will Be,” but Doolittle has already begun to find her own voice. [Tamara Palmer, Metromix]

• "'Wonder Why' and 'We Will Find a Way' try, but join a pantheon of calculated songs that attempt to serve as standards yet fail to rise to the occasion, foiling Doolittle's considerable talents once again." [L. Michael Gipson, Creative Loafing]

You know, I listened to the preview tracks to this album and I actually liked it. Melinda has an "old school soul" sound that really appeals to me. Not the usual fluff padded with dance tracks but a more mature smoother sound. I could totally throw this CD in my stereo, invite my mom (me & mom are total fans!) and some of my home girls over, break out a couple bottles of riesling and TOTALLY chill with my peeps.....ya know? From what I've heard so far....this album is a winner! I hope it turns out to be a big winner for her....she totally deserves it!

"That's probably the most exciting part right now," ... "I can't wait to do live shows to support this CD" - Melinda Doolittle


Anonymous said...

Melinda Doolittle's Debut Album Coming Back to You is here! Coming Back to You was released February 3rd and hit #1 on the Amazon bestsellers list for R&B and for Soul. It
is an eclectic mix of blues, classic R&B and jazz. You can buy the entire album at
and some of the proceeds will go to Malaria No More. Also check out the great videos Melinda has posted for her fans at

Keep updated about Melinda's career at
which is a web site owned by Melinda Doolittle. Melinda’s Backups™ is a non-profit supportive association inspired by Melinda and authorized by her to operate this web site on behalf of her fans.

I am one of her backups (fans) and can truly say that not only is Melinda hugely talented but she is also exceptionally kind and gracious.

Anonymous said...

Hi Thanks to spread the love we have for Melinda! Just to let you know MElinda will be at Ellen show Friday!